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Falling for Christmas is a romantic movie with a comedy touch. The film stars Lindsay Lohan who lost her memory after an accident while doing skiing. She takes care of a widower during the time of Christmas when he needs someone to look after his family.

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1. Falling for Christmas (2022)

Christmas Inheritance is a tale of a young girl who has to take command over his father’s business, but before that, she has to deliver a Christmas gift to her father’s business partner. During all the chaos and worries, the girl learns the importance and magic of the season and falls in love with local artists.

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2. Christmas Inheritance (2017)

The Romantic Comedy is a saga of young journalists, Amber Moore, who is sent to cover a press conference of the young and handsome prince. Trapped in her own lies, it surprising to see how the girl confesses her love to the prince. The love story has a sequel named The Christmas Prince – Royal Wedding.

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3. A Christmas Prince (2017)

A hard-working photographer receives a holiday advent calendar from her grandfather. Unknown to the fact that the calendar has magical power, she finds it a sweet present. Soon her life takes a turn, but for her betterment. That's where she releases the importance of the calendar.

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4. The Holiday Calendar (2018)

In this American movie, divorced women, Kate plans to visit Africa all by herself. Soon she meets a pilot and rescues a dying elephant baby. While nursing the baby elephant, she discovers her love for the pace, which she calls her 'temporary home'.

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5. Holiday in Wild (2019)

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