8 Types of Cheese in India: Every Cheese Lover Must Try

Ever wondered what are the different types of cheese in India? This is the blog for you! Cheese is a staple in Indian cuisine, with many regional varieties. In India, cheese is used to create an array of dishes from savoury curries and side dishes to desserts. This blog will explore the different types of cheese available in India, their unique characteristics and flavour profiles. From creamy paneer to the nutty flavour of chenna, India has some unique and delicious options for anyone who loves cheese. So let’s dive into the wonderful world of Indian cheese and learn more about these fabulous ingredients!

List of the Types of Cheese in India

Read till the end and become an expert in Indian cheeses. How many have you tried?

1. Churu

Churu Cheese

First on our list of types of cheese in India is Churu. Churu is an exotic cheese that has a uniquely pungent flavour and aroma. It’s made in the Himalayan regions of Sikkim, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet, and it even features in the national dish of Bhutan called ema datshi or rotten cheese soup! Churu literally means ‘spoiled cheese’ in the Nepali language, and it’s an acquired taste that many have grown to love.

The cheese has a blue mouldy rind that doesn’t look particularly appetizing, but don’t let this fool you – Churu is something special! If you’re looking for an adventure in food, why not give Churu a try? You won’t be disappointed.

2. Chhena

Chhena is very popular cheese in India

Chhena is a unique soft cheese found in the region of West Bengal and Odisha. This traditional Indian cheese has roots tracing back to Portuguese settlers who brought the recipe to India centuries ago. It’s made by heating milk to create curds, which are then set with lemon juice – resulting in a softer texture than that of paneer.

The end product is often used to make traditional dishes like Chhena Poda, a sweet Odisha dessert and other multitudes of recipes. With its unique texture and taste, chhena will be sure to add an interesting twist to any dish!

3. Kalari


Kalari is one of Kashmir’s most beloved cheeses. The texture is similar to mozzarella, but much denser and more flavorful. It has a distinct taste that you can’t find anywhere else – something that the locals describe as ‘Maish Krej’. The cheese is usually made from cow or goat milk and shaped into a hard ball.

When it’s stretched and flattened, it transforms into the famous ‘Kalari Kulcha’, which is savored by locals. It’s often served fried and can be enjoyed as an appetizer or side dish. If you’re looking for something truly unique to enjoy, give Kalari a try!

4. Chhurpi

Chhurpi Cheese

Chhurpi, the traditional cheese belonging to the Sikkimese region of the Himalayan mountains, is nothing short of a culinary marvel and a unique pick from the types of cheese in India. Carefully prepared with Yak milk, rich in nutrition and flavour, chhurpi is the perfect addition to any meal. Whether it’s added to momo fillings or chutneys, chhurpi will take your dish to the next level.

The cheese comes in two different varieties, soft and hard. Hard chhurpi has a smoky, dense texture that is sure to tantalise your taste buds while the soft variety offers a more smooth and melt-in-the-mouth experience. But whichever type you choose, you’ll be getting a good dose of protein that’s great for your diet.

5. Qudam

Qudam Cheese

Qudam is a unique cheese originating from the Kashmiri Gujjar tribes that boasts a mellow flavour and chewy, crumbly texture. It’s a rare artisanal Indian cheese that has been dried with salt – an ancient practice to ensure it lasts longer – making it perfect for enjoying throughout the cold winter months of Kashmir.

Not only is it delicious, but it provides a great source of protein to keep you going. If you’re looking for something special and unique to add to your cheese board, then Qudam is definitely worth trying! Enjoy the mild flavour and rubber-like texture of this unique cheese today.

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6. Bandel

Bandel Cheese

Bandel is a cheese with an interesting history. A product of the Portuguese rule in West Bengal, this crumbly and salty cheese is made from cow’s milk and has the unique flavour of a salty pretzel. It comes in two varieties – one that is cream coloured and the other a smoky brown. Its uses are multi-faceted. Bandel pairs nicely with crackers and salads for a salty snack.

It can also be used to add some delicious flavour to pasta dishes. To experience this unique cheese, visit the renowned New Market in Kolkata where it is sold alongside many other local delicacies. Get your hands on some bandel today and add a twist to your next meal!

7. Khoya

Khoya is the most used cheese in India

Khoya is a soft, creamy cheese that’s been used in Indian cuisine for centuries. The texture and flavor are similar to unsalted ricotta but with a hint of sweetness that adds complexity to any dish. Whether you add it to savory dishes like curries or use it as an ingredient in fried desserts, khoya will take your cooking to new heights. Its versatility can be seen in the different varieties available, depending on how much liquid is drained from it.

And when you taste it, you’ll understand why everyone’s so obsessed with this delicious cheese – once you have a bite, you just can’t stop! So don’t wait any longer – add some khoya to your cooking repertoire and see why this cheese is such a crowd-pleaser.

8. Topli Na Paneer

 Topli Na Paneer

Last on our types of cheese in India is Topli Na Paneer. This is a unique and beloved cheese found in Parsi cuisine. It has an interesting preparation process where fresh Indian cheese is stored in small cane baskets until it achieves a plump, wobbly texture. This salty delicacy can be enjoyed on its own, or as part of various dishes – like crackers, salad, or toast.

Its flavor is complex yet delicate and its texture is truly one-of-a-kind. Topli Na Paneer is a must-try for any cheese lover! So, the next time you’re in Parsi cuisine, make sure to sample this delicious cheese treat.


What are the seven types of cheese?

There are so many different types of delicious cheeses to explore and savor. The seven main types are Fresh, Aged Fresh Cheese, Soft White Rind, Semi-Soft, Hard, Blue, and Flavored cheese. If you’re interested in the types of cheese in India, make sure to scroll up and go through the blog above!

Is paneer healthy?

Paneer is an excellent source of protein and can be enjoyed in a variety of dishes. It contains all the essential amino acids necessary for repairing and building muscle tissue. Its high calcium content helps strengthen bones, while its potassium content helps maintain proper heart function. Additionally, paneer is low in fat and cholesterol-free, making it a great choice for those looking to watch their dietary intake.


There you have it, the several types of cheese in India. From the traditional paneer to the more modern types such as gouda, India has a wide variety of cheeses available for both locals and tourists to enjoy. Each type of cheese offers its own unique flavors, textures, and culinary uses. No matter which kind you choose, it is sure to add a burst of flavor and texture to any dish. So why not give cheese in India a try! You won’t be disappointed.

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