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Have you ever wondered, which is the richest village in India? Located in the Kutch region of Gujarat, Madhapar is home to one of the most successful and affluent farming communities in India. But this vibrant village isn’t just rich because of its agricultural produce; it also stands out due to its unique culture and a thriving industry sector. But you must be wondering why Madhapar is the richest village in India.

In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at what makes Madhapar so special – from its rich history and culture to the opportunities that come with living in such an affluent area. We’ll also explore how the village has become an example for other areas of India on how to achieve success and prosperity through hard work and dedication. So join us on this journey to discover the secrets of Madhapar!

Richest Village in India- History, Economy, Population

History of the Village

history of madhapar

Madhapar is a small village located in the Kutch district of Gujarat. This village is known for its history and culture that has been carried forward from generations to generations. The village was established by the Mistris of Kutch who, during the 12th century, migrated from Dhaneti. Madhapar’s name is derived from Madha Kanji Solanki who had moved to this place in the year 1473-1474 (VS 1529).

The village has a rich tradition and culture that is still preserved even today. The villagers take pride in their traditional way of living and have been preserving it for many years now. People here practice various folk dances and songs at social gatherings, festivals and fairs. The people of Madhapar are also known for their skills in weaving, pottery and other handicrafts.

Madhapar was one of the few villages that were not impacted by the 2001 Gujarat earthquake which had caused immense destruction to other parts of Kutch region. This village is a perfect example of how ancient traditions and culture can co-exist with modern developments. People here embrace new technologies while still keeping their old customs alive. Madhapar truly stands out as an exemplary village in the region, and its history and culture are something that must be proud of.

The Economy


So, what makes Madhapar the richest village in India? The village of Madhapar has a thriving economy that is largely driven by agriculture, which brings in substantial revenue from export crops such as corn, mangoes, and sugarcane. In addition to this, many people who work abroad have chosen to save their money in India, resulting in the village bank deposits totaling over ₹ 5000 crores in over 17 banks. This has made Madhapar one of the wealthiest villages in the country.

The village is also home to a number of small businesses, including food processing, handicrafts and pottery making, as well as other cottage industries. These enterprises provide employment opportunities for locals and help to boost the economy even further.

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Madhapar also has a flourishing tourism sector, with people from all over the world visiting to experience its unique culture and beautiful landscapes. This contributes significantly to the wealth of the village, as does remittance money sent home by those living abroad. Overall, Madhapar is a prosperous region where economic prosperity continues to grow.


gujrat population

Located in the Kutch region of Gujarat, Madhapar is a large village with a population of over 92,000 people. It lies at a distance of approximately 3 kilometers from the main town of Bhuj and is widely known for its unique culture and rich heritage that has been passed down through generations.

Tourist Attractions

temple madhapar

The beautiful village of Madhapar is home to a wealth of unique tourist attractions. Sanatan Thakor Mandir, Mahadev Temple and Barla Temple are all part of the village’s rich cultural heritage, while Swaminarayan Temple (1949) is an important religious landmark. For those looking for something a little different, the Kuldevi Temples of Momai Mata of Solanki, Rathods are a must-see.

But the star attraction is surely Yaksh Mandir or Jakh Bautera Temple, which is home to an impressive 72 folk deities of the Jakh community. With so many fascinating sites and attractions in such a small area, Madhapar is the perfect destination for a relaxing and enriching experience, and some of the reasons behind it being the richest village in India. So come explore all that this charming village has to offer – you won’t be disappointed!

Madhapar Village Association


The Madhapar Village Association is a vibrant and welcoming community, providing connection and support to its members. Through social events, cultural activities, and educational initiatives, the association seeks to bring together people from all walks of life who have ties to the village.

The association also has a special mission to preserve the culture, values, and history of the village. To this end, they offer classes in traditional music and dance, organize cultural festivals, and host events to celebrate important days such as weddings and birthdays. Moreover, members can benefit from the Madhapar Village Association’s regular publications which provide information on local issues, including news of people living in the village.

The strength and success of the Madhapar Village Association lies with its dedicated and passionate members, who come together to ensure that the culture and values of Madhapar village remain alive for generations to come.


Which is the richest village in the world?

Huaxi village is known as the “richest village on earth” due to its high average per capita income of nearly US$150,000 in 2019. This impressive figure is due to the flourishing activities of its citizens, who are mainly engaged in selling machinery parts and plastic products. Many of these businesses are run by private companies connected to the city’s economy.

Why is Madhapar the richest village in India?

One of the main reasons lies in the fact that the village is well connected with other cities and villages across India, both physically as well as through digital infrastructure. This has made it easier for the people of Madhapar to access a range of markets and services. This has enabled them to take advantage of better prices and make more money.

Which are the top 10 richest village in India?

The top 10 richest villages in India are:
1. Madhapar
2. Hiware Bazar, Maharashtra
3. Hampi, Karnataka
4. Maraog, Himachal Pradesh
5. Madhapur, Gujarat
6. Punsari, Gujarat
7. Baldia, Gujarat
8. Dharnai, Bihar
9. Pothanikkad, Kerala
10. Khetwadi, Maharashtra


In conclusion, Madhapar is an incredible village in India that remains largely unknown outside of the region. It is a thriving and prosperous community and has been called the richest village in India. With its impressive per capita income, growing infrastructure and amenities, it provides an inspiring example of what can be achieved when communities work together to create success and prosperity. Madhapar is a shining example of what many rural communities in India have the potential to achieve. Despite its impressive wealth, it retains a strong sense of traditional culture and values, making it an inspiring place for visitors to explore.

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