Richest Village in India 2023

Richest Village in India

Have you ever wondered, which is the richest village in India? Located in the Kutch region of Gujarat, Madhapar is home to one of the most successful and affluent farming communities in India. But this vibrant village isn’t just rich because of its agricultural produce; it also stands out due to its unique culture and … Read more

Types of Music in India – A One-Stop Guide for All Music Lovers

Types of Music in India

Ever wondered about the types of music in India? India is a country rich in culture, diversity and of course – music. Indian music has been around for centuries, and today it still draws thousands of people from all over the world. It encompasses many different genres such as Hindustani classical, Carnatic classical, Sufi, Qawwali, … Read more

8 Types of Cheese in India: Every Cheese Lover Must Try

Types of Cheese in India

Ever wondered what are the different types of cheese in India? This is the blog for you! Cheese is a staple in Indian cuisine, with many regional varieties. In India, cheese is used to create an array of dishes from savoury curries and side dishes to desserts. This blog will explore the different types of … Read more

The Comprehensive Asianet Serials List 2023 : Time & Synopsis

asianet serials list

Welcome to the ultimate guide to Asianet serials list! Whether you’re new to the world of South Indian television or are a seasoned viewer, this blog will be your go-to source for all things Asianet. We’ll be exploring popular shows from across various genres, taking an in-depth look at their history and storylines, as well … Read more

Top 10 Most Followed Cricketer on Instagram

most followed cricketer on instagram

Who is the most followed cricketer on Instagram? Cricket is the most popular sport in the world, and it should come as no surprise that some of the biggest cricketing stars have millions of adoring fans. But just who are these superstars? Let’s take a look at the most followed cricketers on Instagram! From the … Read more

Top 10 Most Followed Indian on Instagram 2023

most followed Indian on instagram

Who is the most followed Indian on Instagram? Instagram is a social media is an ever-growing platform used by billions of people all over the world. With its immense reach and influence, it has become one of the most powerful tools for networking and connecting with others. Among these users, India is home to some … Read more

Zee Telugu Serials List 2023 : Timings, Cast & Synopsis

zee telugu serials list

As an avid TV fan, you may have wondered what the most recent Zee telugu serials list is. In this blog, you shall find the latest, most comprehensive list and therefore, rest assured that you won’t miss out on some great shows. Zee Telugu is one of the most popular television channels in India and … Read more

Sun TV Serial List 2023 – Cast, Timing & Synopsis

Sun TV Serial List

Sun TV is a leading Tamil language television channel based in Chennai, India. It was launched on 14 April 1993 and has consistently remained one of the top rated channels in India. Sun TV is owned by Kalanithi Maran and offers a mix of general entertainment programming, including serials, movies, game shows and music-based programs. … Read more

20 Classic Doordarshan Serials 90s List: Must Watch

Doordarshan serials 90s list

When it comes to nostalgia, there’s nothing that makes us feel it quite the way a Doordarshan serials 90s list can. The shows from that era were not only iconic but shared realistic (for most part) stories of people struggling with everyday-life issues. Relatable, hilarious, dramatic, scary, thrilling, sad, happy, these shows did it all! … Read more