Top 10 Best Turkish Dramas in Hindi

best Turkish dramas in Hindi

Watching foreign TV shows has become a global trend ever since OTT platforms have made them accessible to everyone. Recently, people in India have been searching for the best Turkish dramas in Hindi. With so many great options to choose from, it can be hard to decide which ones to watch. To help you out, … Read more

Top 10 Best Travel Vloggers in India 2022

best travel vloggers in india

Ever questioned who the best travel vloggers in India are? India is home to a wealth of cultures, languages and landscapes, making it the perfect place to explore. And what better way to explore India than through the eyes of a travel vlogger? There are many great travel vloggers in India, but in this blog … Read more

Top 10 Best South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi 2022

Best South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi

Growing up, most North-Indians have watched some of the best South Indian movies dubbed in Hindi on our TV channels. These movies were unique to the region, with original stories, unique cinematography, songs, dances, etc. Looking for something different to watch? Why not try a south Indian movie dubbed in Hindi? These movies offer a … Read more

Top 10 Dancers in India 2022 – The Best of Bollywood

top 10 dancers in india

Some of the top 10 dancers in India have global fans thanks to their fantastic skills. India is a land of immense talent, and when it comes to dancing, the country has produced some truly incredible dancers. From classical Bharatanatyam to contemporary Bollywood, Indian dancers have mesmerized audiences around the world with their skill and … Read more

Top 10 Best Korean Dramas in Hindi

best korean dramas in Hindi

Indian’s these days often look for the best Korean dramas in Hindi. This is thanks to the ‘hallyu’ wave of the Korean entertainment industry. Who doesn’t know BTS and Squid Game in today’s date? If not them, then surely everyone you know is very likely familiar with Psy! Kdramas have become a global phenomenon, even … Read more

Top 10 Tollywood Heroes in 2022

top 10 tollywood heroes

The top 10 Tollywood heroes have delivered some of the most memorable performances in Telugu cinema and continue to entertain audiences with their charisma and talent. Together, these actors have helped to shape the face of Tollywood and have inspired a generations of actors. The South Indian film industry is renowned for its larger-than-life action … Read more

10 Best Zakir Khan Shayaris

zakir khan shayaris

These days Zakir Khan shayaris are a hot topic of the town. Widely known for his quirks, hilarious jokes and being Tanmay Bhat’s dear friend, Zakir’s comedic timing and stage presence are widely lauded as some of the best in the country. There’s nothing quite as entertaining as Zakir’s stand up videos, posted on his … Read more