Mazhavil Manorama Serials List 2023 – Cast, Schedule & Synopsis

Interested in knowing the Mazhavil Manorama serials list? Mazhavil Manorama is one of the leading entertainment channels in Kerala, India. From soap operas to reality shows and comedies, Mazhavil Manorama has a plethora of serials for viewers to choose from. In this blog post, we’ll be taking a look at some of the most popular Mazhavil Manorama serials list of 2023. We will be providing you with an overview of each serial, so that you can decide which ones to watch or skip. So, let’s dive right into the Mazhavil Manorama serials list.

Mazhavil Manorama Serials List With Cast & Synopsis

Mazhavil Manorama is one of the most popular and beloved television channels in India. It has captivated its viewers with countless serials ranging from comedy to drama, romance to thriller, and mythological to historical. Keep reading below to find out all the shows that are currently broadcasting on the channel!

1. Marimayam

Serial Timing: Saturday and Sunday at 8.30 P.M
Cast: Riyas Narmakala, Sneha Sreekumar, Vinod Kovoor, Manikandan, Niyas Backer
Genre: Comedy Drama Sitcom
Director: Midhun Chettoor Gopalan Manoj A S Vinod R.Unnikrishnan

Synopsis – Marimayam is a popular Malayalam-language sitcom television serial from Mazhavil Manorama, airing since 2011. The show provides an insightful look into the everyday life of India’s middle class by satirizing common scenarios faced at government institutions and in society. It stars Manikandan Pattambi, Vinod Kovoor, Sneha Sreekumar, Niyas Backer, Riyas Narmakala, Mani Shornur and Salim Hasan in the leading roles.

Marimayam is part of Mazhavil Manorama’s serials list which is full of interesting shows that provide both entertainment and a valuable social commentary. So if you are looking for a funny, entertaining show with sharp observations about society, Marimayam is the perfect choice. Tune in to Mazhavil Manorama and get ready for some hilarious comedy!

Marimayam is a comedy show that satirically depicts the everyday scenes experienced in government offices and the common struggles faced by the general public. With its humorous skits, it provides an entertaining insight into how bureaucracy can be convoluted and frustrating for many people.

2. Thattem Mutteem

Thattem Mutteem
Serial Timing: Monday To Friday At 9.00 P.M
Cast: Jayakumar Parameshwaran Pillai, Arjunan, K.P.A.C. Lalitha, Mayavathi Amma, Prabhu Sidharth, Kannan, Manju Pillai, Mohanavalli, Sagar Surya 
Genre: Soap Opera Comedy Drama
Director: Gopalan Manoj 

Synopsis – Thattem Mutteem, a long-running and much-loved Mazhavil Manorama serial, has been delighting viewers since its launch in 2012. The show stars an incredible cast including Manju Pillai, Jayakumar Parameswaran Pillai, Naseer Sankranthi, Sidharth Prabhu, Shara Sherly Samuel Koshy and Sagar Surya. It follows Manju Pillai’s often comedic journey as she deals with everyday life in a household with three generations of family members.

With its witty dialogues and endearing cast, Thattem Mutteem has become one of Mazhavil Manorama’s most popular serials, earning it two Kerala State Television Awards in 2014 and 2016. It is a must-see for anyone looking to get a taste of Mazhavil Manorama’s legendary serials list!

This series highlights the complex relationship between a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law in a traditional household. It showcases the complexities of family dynamics and how two strong personalities can clash yet still come together to form a bond.​

3. Manjil Virinja Poovu

Manjil Virinja Poovu
Serial Timing: Monday to Saturday at 6:30 PM
Cast: Rekha Ratheesh, Malavika Wales, Yuva Krishna, Justin George Mathew
Genre: Soap opera
Producer: Navodaya Appachan

Synopsis – Manjil Virinja Poovu is a popular Mazhavil Manorama serial that follows the journey of Anjana, a young woman who has been away from her small village for many years. Upon returning, she is faced with the challenge of adjusting to life in her hometown and navigating its often complex customs and traditions.

Although the show’s stories often revolve around Anjana’s struggles and successes, it also includes other characters who add richness to the plot. Mazhavil Manorama serials list this one among its most successful shows, with viewers from all over India tuning in to watch each episode. Manjil Virinja Poovu is a powerful and well-crafted drama that explores the challenges of life in India’s small villages while celebrating the beauty of its culture.

Anjana is a young girl employed at a tea plantation who finds herself unexpectedly married to her employer’s son, Manu Prathap. Despite her lower social and economic standing compared to her mother-in-law Mallika Prathap, Anjana is determined to make the marriage work.

4. Thumbapoo

Serial Timing:  Monday to Friday at 08:00 PM
Cast: Sachin SG, Remya Sudha, VK Baiju, Mridula Vijay, Julie Hendry, Yuva Krishna, Kunchan, Ambili Devi, Rini Raj, Rajesh Hebbar
Genre: Soap opera
Director: Dileep Tavanur

Synopsis – Mazhavil Manorama’s serial “Thumbapoo” is an emotionally charged story of a young woman on the journey to make a better life for herself. Set amidst the backdrop of rural Kerala, this Mazhavil Manorama serial follows her struggles as she faces numerous challenges along the way. As she navigates through her struggles, she discovers the value of family and friendship.

With a stellar cast and plot twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat, this Mazhavil Manorama serial is one to watch! A must-have in any Mazhavil Manorama serials list, Thumbapoo is sure to leave a lasting impression. So don’t miss out – tune in to Mazhavil Manorama for the latest episodes of Thumbapoo!

Rameshan and Veena shared a unique love story that showed how no disability could stand in the way of true love. Despite their physical disabilities, they were able to overcome all obstacles and find happiness together. From the moment they met, their connection was undeniable, and it only grew stronger with time. Together, they faced every challenge that life threw at them and emerged with a love that was stronger than ever. This is the story of their enduring relationship, one that reminds us all that true love can conquer anything.

5. Ennum Sammatham

Ennum Sammatham
Serial Timing: Monday to Friday from 07:00 PM
Cast: Aswathy S R, Fazil Rihan, Rahul Ramachandran
Genre: Romance Drama
Director: Binu Vellathooval

Synopsis – Ennum Sammatham is a Mazhavil Manorama serial that follows the life of Anjali, a young woman who faces the everyday challenges of a traditional Indian household. As she attempts to balance family expectations and her own desires for personal growth, Anjali must learn to make her own decisions and forge her own path.

The show has been praised for its complex and humanizing portrayal of Indian culture, with viewers relating to Anjali’s struggles. Mazhavil Manorama’s serials list features this show as one of the most engaging and thought-provoking stories among their many series. With every episode, Ennum Sammatham continues to bring out a unique perspective on Indian culture and family life. Tune in to Mazhavil Manorama for this exciting serial every day!

The relationship between Midhun and Lekshmi is put to the test when those they consider their friends and allies suddenly turn their backs on them. What follows is an unpredictable journey of love amidst various trials and tribulations.

6. Meenakshi Kalyanam

Meenakshi Kalyanam
Serial Timing: Monday to Saturday at 09:00 A:M
Cast: Sanal Krishnan, Renjith Menon, Prarthana Krishna, Apsara
Genre: Romance
Director: Binu Vellathooval

Synopsis – Meenakshi Kalyanam, Mazhavil Manorama’s popular serial, showcases the life of a determined young woman who aspires to make it big in the world. Despite facing numerous hurdles due to her traditional Indian family background, Meenakshi never gives up. With its witty dialogues and romantic subplots, this Mazhavil Manorama serial has become a fan favorite, with viewers eagerly awaiting each episode.

As one of Mazhavil Manorama’s most popular serials, Meenakshi Kalyanam takes its proud place among the Mazhavil Manorama serials list. Tune in every week to follow Meenakshi’s journey and struggles as she battles her family’s expectations, and societal pressures, and ultimately finds her own path.

Meenakshi finds herself in an unfortunate situation, where she is forced into a marriage that she does not want. In her attempt to escape from this arranged marriage, she happens to cross paths with Balan, and he helps her deceive her would-be husband.

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7. Pranayamazha

Serial Timing: Monday To Saturday At 10:00 A:M
Cast: Sakshi Tanwar , Ram Kapoor, Fenil Umrigar, Sumona Chakravarti, Madhu Raja
Genre: Drama
Director: Nithin Kumar

Synopsis – Pranayamazha is a Mazhavil Manorama serial that follows the story of Pranaya, a young woman living in a conservative Indian household. Despite facing challenges posed by her family and society, she remains determined to pursue her dreams. On her journey, Pranaya faces obstacles that test her resilience while inspiring her to overcome them.

Pranaya Mazha has become a huge hit among Mazhavil Manorama serial watchers with its interesting storyline and strong female lead. It is an essential part of the Mazhavil Manorama serials list and worth watching! So don’t miss out on this beautiful story – tune in to Mazhavil Manorama and enjoy Pranayamazha!

The story follows Ram and Priya, two contrasting characters. Both of them have lost hope that love will ever come into their lives; Ram believes he is destined to remain single, while Priya has resigned herself to the idea that she will never experience romantic love.

8. Rani Raja

Rani Raja
Serial Timing: Monday to Saturday at 6:30 PM
Cast: Poojitha Menon, Priyamvada, Manju Satheesh, Sudha, Om Sha, Haridas, Raji Menon, Vinodini, Sivad Mahadevan, Thampi
Genre: Romance
Director: Prakash Gopalkrishna

Synopsis – Rani Raja, Mazhavil Manorama’s hit serial, is a riveting drama that follows the life of Rani (played by Naira Shah), as she struggles to find her place in her family and live out her dreams. Set in a traditional Indian household with expectations from both sides of the family, viewers have watched Rani’s story evolve and grow over the years.

The show has become a fan favourite, with viewers tuning in every week to see Rani’s journey unfold – from her relationships and budding career to the highs and lows of family life. Mazhavil Manorama has produced some truly captivating serials, and Rani Raja is one that deserves to be on the Mazhavil Manorama serials list. If you’re looking for a drama that’s both engaging and thought-provoking, Rani Raja is definitely worth checking out!

John and Regina are unwillingly wed, with neither being able to forget their shared history of heartache. They struggle to find contentment in their marriage, until one day when they discover the painful circumstances that have shaped each other’s lives. Through this realization, a new understanding is gained that facilitates a reconciliatory bond between them.

9. Aavani

Serial Timing: Monday to Saturday at 09:30 AM
Cast: Sidharth Venugopal, Neeraja, and Kottayam Rasheed
Genre: Romantic drama
Director: N/A

Synopsis – Mazhavil Manorama’s Aavani is a captivating serial that tells the story of a young woman who is determined to make something of herself, despite the challenges she faces in her traditional Indian family. The show follows her journey as she attempts to balance her dreams with the expectations of her family and society.

From heartwarming moments to intense drama, Aavani has something for everyone. With its diverse cast and thought-provoking storylines, this serial will capture the hearts of Mazhavil Manorama’s viewers and make it a permanent addition to their list of serials. So don’t miss out on all the excitement – watch Mazhavil Manorama’s Aavani now!

The show will centre around the life of Rohini (played by Beena Antony), an authoritative yet loving mother who is the foundation of her family. The romantic track focuses on Sidharth, Rohini’s carefree college dropout son, and his budding relationship with Aavani, a studious and brave young woman

10. Oru Chiri Eru Chiri Bumper Chiri

Oru Chiri Eru Chiri Bumper Chiri
Serial Timing: Monday to Friday at 10 pm
Cast: Sabumon Abdusamad, Manju Pillai
Genre:  Comedy Reality Show 
Director: Mazhavil Manorama

Synopsis – Oru Chiri Eru Chiri Bumper Chiri is the Mazhavil Manorama serial that will get you hooked immediately! This reality show offers teams of contestants a chance to compete in thrilling games and challenges, with exciting prizes up for grabs. From puzzles and quizzes to physical activities and other interesting tasks, it’s sure to keep you entertained.

Catch this Mazhavil Manorama serial every week, and see which team will make it to the top! Don’t forget to add Oru Chiri Eru Chiri Bumper Chiri to your Mazhavil Manorama serials list for a guaranteed dose of action-packed entertainment!

In order to win various cash prizes and rewards, participants must demonstrate their wit and charm by captivating the judges and audience with humorous performances. They must also show creativity in their delivery of comedic material. It is a great opportunity for everyone to have fun while also earning some money!

11. Udan Panam Chapter 4

Udan Panam Chapter 4
Serial Timing: Monday to Saturday at 09:00 P:M
Cast: Dain Davis, Meenakshi
Genre: Game show
Director: Abraham Chunkath

Synopsis -Mazhavil Manorama’s Udan Panam Chapter 4 is a thrilling reality show that follows a group of contestants on their journey to different locations while they compete in exciting challenges. Guided by the Mazhavil Manorama serials list, the participants take part in thrilling physical and mental tasks that test their endurance and skill. Each challenge presents an opportunity for the competitors to win amazing prizes and a chance to progress further in the show.

With suspenseful moments, breathtaking visuals, and immense entertainment, Mazhavil Manorama’s Udan Panam Chapter 4 is not one to miss! Join us on Mazhavil Manorama for this incredible reality show where the fate of the contestants changes with every challenge. Tune in to Mazhavil Manorama for an electrifying experience!

Kerala’s favorite quiz/game show, hosted by the ever-enthusiastic Dain Davis and Meenakshi, brings together contestants from across the state to take on the ‘ATM’ in this knowledge-based challenge. With ATM throwing questions at them from a variety of topics, contestants must answer correctly to walk away with cash prizes.

12. Bumper Chiri Aghosham

Bumper Chiri Aghosham
Serial Timing: 08:30
Cast: Sabumon, Thatteem Mutteem, Manju Pillai and Naseer Sankranthi
Genre: Comedy show
Producer: Satheesh Kumar

Synopsis – Mazhavil Manorama’s Bumper Chiri Aghosham is the perfect show to watch when you need a dose of adrenaline! Teams battle it out to win exciting prizes in a series of challenging tasks and games. The competition will have you on the edge of your seat, as each team uses their wits and creativity to outsmart their competitors. Mazhavil Manorama’s serials list is full of exciting shows like Bumper Chiri Aghosham, so don’t miss out! Tune in to Mazhavil Manorama and get ready for an adrenaline-pumping adventure.

Whether you’re a fan of reality TV or just looking for some wholesome entertainment, Mazhavil Manorama’s Bumper Chiri Aghosham is sure to be a hit. Watch as teams strive towards the ultimate goal of winning exciting prizes and test their mettle through various challenges and games. Mazhavil Manorama has a whole roster of thrilling serials list, so don’t miss out on all the action! Mazhavil Manorama’s Bumper Chiri Aghosham is sure to leave you wanting more. Get ready for an adrenaline-filled adventure, and tune in now!

The show features comedians from various backgrounds delivering side-splitting comedy performances. In addition to the comedic acts, there are also opportunities for talented dancers and other performers to demonstrate their abilities. With a diverse lineup of entertainers, the show promises laughs and thrills for all viewers.

13. Super Kudumbham

Super Kudumbham
Serial Timing: at 10:00 A:M
Cast: Alex, Prabhu Ganesan, Parimala, Prathyusha, Roja, Gowthami Vembunathan, Vinuchakravarthy, Vivek
Genre: Comedy
Director: R. K. Kalaimani,

Synopsis – Mazhavil Manorama’s Super Kudumbham is an exciting reality show like no other! Follow a group of contestants as they battle it out in a fun and challenging games to win incredible prizes. With high stakes, non-stop entertainment, and plenty of laughs along the way, Super Kudumbham guarantees hours of thrilling viewing.

Mazhavil Manorama’s serials list also includes other fantastic programs like Amala Mazhavil, Meera and more. Get ready for a world of drama, suspense and fun with Mazhavil Manorama. Tune in now to be part of the Super Kudumbham action on Mazhavil Manorama!

Arun feigns marriage to secure a house for rent. He chooses Shanthi, an unrefined girl from the slums, to portray his spouse. Eventually, situations shift and they eventually tie the knot.


How can you watch serials from Mazhavil Manorama online?

The Mazhavil Manorama website is accessible through desktop and mobile computer browsers and has the shows and clips from the shows on the website. You may check the newest videos online by using smartphone browsers as well.

Who is the founder of the Mazhavil Manorama channel?

The Malayalam channel Mazhavil Manorama is owned by the Malayala Manorama Company Limited which has it’s office in Aroor in Kerala, India.


Mazhavil Manorama serials list has something for everyone. From dramatic family sagas to comedies, reality TV shows and even game shows, Mazhavil Manorama offers viewers a wide variety of entertainment options.

Mazhavil Manorama’s programming is considered one of the best in the Malayalam language television industry, as it incorporates both classic shows for traditional viewers as well as modern and innovative programming to attract younger audiences. Mazhavil Manorama serials list is sure to keep viewers entertained and coming back for more. So don’t miss out on this exciting array of content – explore Mazhavil Manorama today!

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