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Colors Marathi Serials List 2023-Cast, Synopsis and Timing

Welcome to our blog post on the Colors Marathi Serials List. Here, we bring you a comprehensive list of all the colors Marathi serials and soap operas that are currently being aired or have been previously broadcasted on the colors Marathi channel. We have carefully curated this list with an aim to provide viewers with up-to-date information on colors Marathi television programming. So, whether you are a serial enthusiast or just curious to know what colors Marathi has to offer, this post will provide you with detailed information about all the colors of Marathi serials that have been aired to date. We hope this article helps you get acquainted with colors Marathi’s offerings and keeps you updated on colors Marathi’s television programming. So, let us delve deeper into the colors Marathi serials list and explore it together.

Colors Marathi Serials List Today Timing

Sr. no. Serial Name Timings Days
1.Tujya Rupacha Chandana6:30 pm – 7:00 pmSun-Sat 
2.Raja Ranichiga Jodi7:00 pm – 7:30 pmSun-Sat 
3.Balumamachya Navana Changbhala7:30 pm – 8:00 pmSun – Sat 
4.Jai Jai Swami Samarth8:00 pm – 8:30 pmSun-Sat 
5.Jeev Majha Guntala8:30 pm – 9:00 pmSun-Sat
6.Sundara Manamadhe Bharali9:00 pm – 9:30 pmSun-Sat
7.Bhagya Dila Tu Mala9:30 pm – 10:00 pmMon-Sat
8.Aai – Mayecha Kavach10:00 pm – 10:30 pm Sun-Sat
9.Lek Majhi Durga10: 30 pm – 11:00 pmSun-Sat

Colors Marathi Serials List Schedule

Sr. no. Serial Name Timings Days
1.Tujya Rupacha Chandana__
2.Raja Ranichiga Jodi4: 30 pm – 5:00 pmSun-Sat 
3.Balumamachya Navana Changbhala3: 00 pm – 3:30 pmSun – Sat 
4.Jai Jai Swami Samarth3: 30 pm – 4:00 pmSun-Sat 
5.Jeev Majha Guntala1: 00 pm – 1:30 pm Sun-Sat
6.Sundara Manamadhe Bharali12: 00 pm – 12:30 pmSun-Sat
7.Bhagya Dila Tu Mala12: 30 pm – 1:00 pmSun-Sat
8.Aai – Mayecha Kavach__
9.Lek Majhi Durga__

Colors Marathi Serials List 2023

1. Tujya Rupacha Chandana

Tujya Rupacha Chandana
Timing : 6:30 pm – 7:00 pm ( Sun-Sat )
Cast: Tanvi Shewale · Rohit Nikam · Anupama Takmoge · Sushant Shelar · Aryan Lahamge · Viraj Raje
Genre: Romance
Director: Shailesh Rajendra Dere

Synopsis: Tujya Rupacha Chandana is one of the most beloved Colors Marathi serials. The lighthearted drama with its real and relatable characters has become a hit among viewers. Another reason behind its popularity is the fact that it isn’t too over the top like many other Colors Marathi soaps and shows that tend to be unnecessarily dramatic. Tujya Rupacha Chandana also stars some very talented actors who really bring out their characters’ nuances and make them come alive. This smartly written show is an important part of Colors Marathi’s list of serials, which can only continue to captivate the audience with its joyous storytelling and appealing visuals.

Nakshatra and her family find themselves in a desperate situation after her father’s unsavory dealings leave them with no other option but to flee from their home. Due to the danger posed by her father’s actions, Nakshatra must keep herself hidden from view, covering the beauty that she was once known for.

2. Raja Ranichiga Jodi

Raja Ranichiga Jodi
Timing : 7:00 pm – 7:30 pm ( Sun-Sat )
Cast: Maniraj Pawar · Shivani Sonar · Kalyani Choudhari · Shrikant Yadav · Shubhangi Gokhale · Shweta Kharat · Rashmi Joshi · Apurva Kadam
Genre: Soap Opera Drama
Director: Swapnil Varake, Vinod Lavekar

Synopsis: Colors Marathi has some of the most popular and beloved serials on its list. One such serial, Raja Ranichiga Jodi, is loved by audiences across Maharashtra. It follows the story of a young couple and how they face hardships together in life. The show highlights important values of loyalty, family, friendship and courage, which make it one of Colors Marathi’s best shows. It also has amazing performances from its lead actor couple as well as colourful costumes and photography to captivate viewers every week. Colors Marathi is proud to have such a unique show that families across Maharashtra can enjoy together – Raja Ranichiga Jodi!

Ranjeet Dhale Patil is an esteemed IPS officer – righteous and well-respected. Sanjeevani Bandal is a young girl full of life and spiritedness, who believes that a little manipulation is sometimes necessary if it doesn’t cause harm to anyone. Forced into marriage under extraordinary circumstances, what will occur when this police

3. Balumamachya Navana Changbhala

Balumamachya Navana Changbhala
Timing : 7:30 pm – 8:00 pm ( Sun-Sat )
Cast: Ankita Panvelkar · Rohit Deshmukh · Samarth Patil · Sumit Pusavale · Bhagyashree Pawar · Sanjana Kale · Bhausaheb Dhondiba Sonawane · Sonali Salunkhe
Genre: Historical drama
Director: Nishant Surve

Synopsis: Balumamachya Navana Changbhala is a unique Colors Marathi serial that proudly stands out from the list. It has attracted a multi-generational audience since its premiere, who are captivated by its interesting mythology. What sets it apart from the other Colors Marathi serials is the imaginative storyline, excellent characters and intricate narrative. The heartwarming story of Lord Krishna, Radha and their cows, along with an array of fascinating characters, has wormed its way into viewers’ hearts. The show also highlights strong female characters like Yashoda and Ruta (the mythical daughter of Vasanti) whose arcs are engaging and inspiring. With plenty of entertaining twists and turns thrown in for good measure, Balumamachya Navana Changbhala deserves to be on every Colors Marathi fan’s must-watch list!

Balumama, the shepherd, is renowned throughout Maharashtra for his ability to solve people’s problems. He encourages others through his generosity and kindness and motivates them to turn away from bad habits. His travels around the state continue to inspire many and bring hope to those in need.

4. Jai Jai Swami Samarth

Jai Jai Swami Samarth
Timing : 8:00 pm – 8:30 pm ( Sun-Sat )
Cast: Akshay Mudwadkar · Vijaya Babar · Kritina Vartak · Pooja Raibagi · Atul Sanas · Akshata Naik Sawant · Nitya Pawar · Swanand Desai.
Genre: Mythology
Director:  Umesh Namjoshi

Synopsis: Colors Marathi Serials have a special place in the heart of their audience with beloved characters and breathtaking storylines. One such show that captured the imagination of Marathi viewers was Jai Jai Swami Samarth, which first aired in 2018 on Colors Marathi. Considered among the most innovative Colors Marathi shows of its time, Jai Jai Swami Samarth follows the life of an elderly man who takes up residence in Maharastra with his two granddaughters. With a fresh take on family dynamics, each episode revealed something new about relationships as it kept interested alive for audiences who had trouble finding entertainment amidst pandemic restrictions. Proving why Colors Marathi serials list is so diverse in content and ever-evolving, Jai Jai Swami Samarth stands out from other Colors Marathi shows due to its warmth and generosity; putting forth a message of hope and resilience that resonated with viewers across Maharashtra.

Swami Samarth was a highly celebrated Indian spiritual master who belonged to the Dattatreya tradition. He attained fame for his asceticism, particularly in the state of Maharashtra, where he lived during the 19th century. His teachings and devotion to his path have been inspirational to many and have become part of spiritual folklore in India.

5. Jeev Majha Guntala

Jeev Majha Guntala
Timing : 8:30 pm – 9:00 pm (Sun-Sat)
Cast: Yogita Chavan · Saorabh Rajnish Choughule · Prajakta Navnale · Sumedha Datar · Pratiksha Mungekar · Shweta Kulkarni · Milan Dsouza · Milisha Jadhav
Genre: Drama Soap opera
Director: Mukesh Banekar

Synopsis: Jeev Majha Guntala, an epic Colors Marathi serial, recently released its first episode. The story revolves around the lives of two families living in a small village in Maharashtra. It features a magnificent display of authentic settings and characters from rural India as well as traditional Maharashtrian culture. The storytelling has been commended for its well-crafted plot lines and carefully planned scenes, making Jeev Majha Guntala an instant favourite on Colors Marathi’s list of successful serials. With the trials and tribulations of everyday life playing out on screen in this beautiful drama series, viewers won’t want to miss an episode!

Antara is an ambitious young woman who works as an autorickshaw driver in order to support herself while she continues her studies. Unfortunately, circumstances have forced her into a marriage with a man she strongly dislikes.

6. Sundara Manamadhe Bharali

Sundara Manamadhe Bharali
Timing : 9:00 pm – 9:30 pm ( Sun-Sat )
Cast: Akshaya Naik · Sameer Paranjpe · Pooja Purandare · Gauri Kiran · Umesh Damale · Poonam Chaudhary Patil · Atisha Naik · Chaitanya Bagul
Genre: Drama Romance
Director: Girish Mohite

Synopsis: Sundara Manamadhe Bharali’ is one of the most popular Colors Marathi serials. This comedy-drama follows the life of a poor farmer, Sundara, and his efforts to provide for his family. The show has been praised for its natural rural setting, witty dialogues and endearing characters. Despite being in poverty, the characters still manage to bring out love and laughter. It captures everyday struggles with a heavy dose of laughter between family members. It’s a show that is sure to entertain audiences of all ages.

Latika is an optimistic, intelligent and kind-hearted young woman. She has been a source of joy to those close to her in the family, as well as a loyal friend. Despite having a perfect life, she has faced several rejections when it comes to marriage proposals due to her obesity. Nonetheless, Latika continues to maintain her positive attitude.

7. Bhagya Dila Tu Mala

Bhagya Dila Tu Mala
Timing : 9:30 pm – 10:00 pm ( Mon-Sat )
Cast: Chitkala Biradar · Janhavi Killekar · Tanvi Mundle · Vivek Sangle · Nilesh Ranade · Atul Mahajan · Nivedita Sarafz
Genre: Soap Opera
Director: Sagar Kheur

Synopsis : Colors Marathi is known for its popular serials, and ‘Bhagya Dila Tu Mala’ is one of the most popular ones. This heartfelt drama follows the lives of the Salunke family – Rasika, Rajvi and Chandrika. Rasika yearns for a better life for her daughters, however certain events involving unexpected circumstances unfold that stand in the way of their dreams. The show promises to be an enthralling look into how these characters tackle this complicated situation and how these trying times bring out courage and emotion from within them. Colors Marathi has started a revolution with its serials list and Bhagya Dila Tu Mala is one example of how they are delivering quality content.

8. Aai – Mayecha Kavach

Aai – Mayecha Kavach
Timing : 10:00 pm – 10:30 pm (Sun-Sat)
Cast: Anushka Maneesh Pimputkar · Bhargavi Chirmuley · Sachin Deshpande · Tejas Dongre · RJ Reshmaah
Genre: Drama
Director: Rahul Lingayat

Synopsis: Aai – Mayecha Kavach tells the story of a woman named Parvathi, who faces everyday struggles while trying to protect her family from external threats. The story focuses on her courage and determination as she goes up against powerful forces in order to protect what is most important to her. Colors Marathi has employed several talented actors to bring this serial to life and has also released an impressive music video titled “Aai – Mayecha Kavach” which has already become a huge success among viewers. Fans are excited about the unique storyline and visual effects that Colors Marathi has used for this serial. So if you are looking for something thrilling and inspiring to watch, Aai – Mayecha Kavach is definitely worth checking out.

9. Lek Majhi Durga

Lek Majhi Durga
Timing: 10: 30 pm – 11:00 pm ( Sun-Sat )
Cast: Mrunal Deshpande · Manorama Sardeshmukh ; Sushil Inamdar · Mahesh jagtap ; Aanand Kale · Yashwant sardeshmukh ; Hemangi Kavi · Vaiju Jagtap
Genre: Drama
Director: Shailesh Shirsekar

Synopsis: Lek Majhi Durga tells the story of a young girl from the Jagtap family living in a small village near Satara. To the outside world, Durga appears to have a happy home life with her loving mother and father who care for her deeply. However, unbeknownst to others, her father doesn’t feel the same way and sees her as a nuisance.

Colors Marathi Serials, especially Lek Majhi Durga, have contributed immensely to the Indian television landscape. Based on a real-life incident of an absconding female army officer, the show portrays an interesting twist to a usual story. Through its intriguing plot line, this Colors Marathi serial emphasizes the importance of strong conviction and hard work. Set in rural Maharashtra and shot beautifully with vibrant colors and detailed sets, this Colors Marathi serial is definitely worth watching. With talented actors that bring alive each character’s traits effectively through powerful dialogues, it will surely leave you mesmerized.


What is the best Colors Marathi serial?

It is hard to pick one, as there have been numerous great shows that have aired on this channel. However, some of the most popular serials include ‘Swapnanchya Palikadle’, ‘Gajar Bajaar’, ‘Shantinivas’, ‘Devyani’, ‘Yek Number’ and ‘Tula Pahate Re’. Each of these serials has been well-received by audiences and has achieved great success. They are known for their interesting storylines, spectacular performances, brilliant direction and innovative use of colors. So if you’re looking for a Colors Marathi serial to watch, these are definitely worth checking out!

Where can I watch Colors Marathi serials for free?

Although you can watch all the colors Marathi serials on the channel but you can also check out the shows as the best Marathi TV serials stream on ZEE5!

Who owns colors Marathi?

Colors Marathi is owned by Viacom18, a joint venture between the Network 18 Group and Viacom. Colors Marathi airs popular Marathi TV shows like ‘Radha Prem Rangi Rangli’, ‘Mazhya Navryachi Bayko’ and many more. These shows have garnered immense popularity among viewers and are some of the most popular Marathi TV serials.


In conclusion, the Colors Marathi serials list is a great resource for anyone looking to explore the Marathi television industry. This comprehensive list offers viewers access to some of the most popular and beloved shows in India as well as new and exciting series. Whether you’re a fan of classic dramas or modern comedies, this is an invaluable resource for any fan of Marathi television. So, if you’re interested in discovering the best shows this language has to offer, be sure to check out the full list of Colors Marathi serials. Happy viewing!

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